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Gass Corneoscleral Punch, 1.5mm dia. Tip rotatable for convenient positioning, AHC-2116

Kelly Descement’s Membrance Punch, 1.0mm dia. Tip AHC-2117

Meyerhoefer Chalazion Curette, Size:0=1.5mm dia. Size:1=1.75mm dia. Size:2=2.25mm dia. Size:3=2.5mm dia. Size:4=3.5mm dia AHC-2118

Gills Capsule Polishing Curette, 1.75mm dia. Cup with sandblasted base gentle backward angle AHC-2119

Nightingale Capsule Polishing Curette, 1.75mm dia. open ring with semi-sharp edge AHC-2120

Anis Capsule Scrubber, Gently curved flexible shank with roughened tip, Ball tip, Disc tip & Reverse ball tip, AHC-2121