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Tennant Tying Forceps, with guide pin extra delicate smooth jaws with 6mm long platform for 9-0 to 11-0 sutures, straight, curved AHC-2036

Harms Tying Forceps, Smooth jaws for 7-0 to 9-0 sutures, straight, curved AHC-2037

Fine Tying Forceps, Smooth Curved Jaws for 7-0 to 9-0 Sutures, AHC-2038

Barraquer Cilia Forceps, Lightly Angled Smooth Curved Jaws AHC-2039

Katena Cillia Forceps, Slanted Jaws, Gold Plated AHC-2040

Gradle Cilia Forceps, Smooth Squared Off Positive Gripping Jaws, AHC-2041