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Nishi Nucleus Delivery Cannula flat insertion plate with central irrigating port. Restrainging fin limits depth of insertion and may be used to apply gentle pressure to the sclera. Tip of insertion plate is placed under the nucleus, while continuous irrigation helps to ploat the nucleus forward across the plate, reducing zonular stress. Right left AHC-2294

Saiz Irrigating Capsule Retractor 20 gauge, straight AHC-2295

Kratz Lens Manipulating Cannula 0.2mm diameter tip front opening, 30 gauge AHC-2296

Thurmond Nucleus Irrigating Cannula and Iris Retractor, front opening smooth downward curved tip 19 gauge AHC-2297

Osher Lens Manipulating Cannula with side port and pigtail tip 24 gauge AHC-2298

Nishi Irrigating Capsule Rectors for hydro-dissection of the lens nucleus AHC-2299

Kuglen Irrigating Lens Manipulator disc shaped tip with 0.25mm diameter peg protruding from its center, 25 gauge straight angled AHC-2300