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Simcoe Irrigating-Aspirating Cannula Original model, with aspiration Through tubing hub and irrigation Through luer-lock hub.23 gauge Thin wall, 15mm long curved Tubes, with 0.3mm dia. Aspirating Port facing into curve and slightly Shorter irrigating tip with 45* Angled front opening. Designed For true Simcoe I/A technique.  AHC-2246

Swiss Irrigating-Aspirating cannula for aspiration through tubing hub and irrigation through luer-lock hub.23 gauge thin wall, 15mm long curved tubes,0.3mm dia. Port on left side of aspirating tube. Slightly angled front opening.  AHC-2247

Reversed Simcoe Irrigating-Aspiratin Cannula Same asK7-4300 but tubes reversed. For surgeons who like the simcoe I/A Cannula, but prefer to use a more conventional technique of aspirating through the luer-lock hub cannula . AHC-2248

Ambrosio Irrigating-Aspirating  Cannula For aspirating through tubing hub and Irrigation through luer-lock hub.23 gauge thin wall, 15mm long, curved, front openings.  Smooth tip rough tip for polishing. AHC-2249