About Us

More Than 20 Years Caring About You

Abdul Hanan & Company a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic/watchmaking/jewelry tweezers and laboratory (surgical) instruments. First quality manufacturer of electronic/watchmaking/jewelry tweezers and laboratory (surgical) instruments creating value through a perfect balance between industrialization and craftsmanship with a high understanding of our end users and distributors needs and expectations.

Abdul Hanan & Company is a privately held company founded by Nazir Ahmed Butt in 1980 in Sialkot, Pakistan. We develop, manufacture and supply high technology precision hand tools for the electronic/watch making/ jewelry tweezers and laboratory (surgical) instruments. In 2015, Yasin Butt took responsibility as an owner of AHC. Now our product range includes all types of electronic tweezers, watchmaking tweezers, jewelry tweezers & laboratory (surgical) instruments. We also have all ESD tweezers instruments range. We aim at exceeding customer expectations by optimizing response time when managing, producing and shipping orders. We manufacture all instruments in our factory and supply to our customers. Our main customers are from Switzerland, Malaysia, China, Korea, America, Australia, Germany, Italy, Poland and Saudi Arabia. We, Abdul Hanan & Company are very thankful to our customers that have been trusted on us and developing strong & strong working relationship with us.